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This web site supports a continuing effort to consolidate information related to the plant life of the Baja peninsula. Content will expand as funds allow.
The Flora
Baja California

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Coming Soon! Annotated Checklist of the Vascular Plants of Baja California, Mexico
by Jon P. Rebman, Judy Gibson, and Karen Rich.
The comprehensive checklist of the nearly 4000 plants of the Baja California peninsula and its islands has been sent to press and will be published as a Proceedings of the San Diego Natural History Museum. The checklist includes scientific names, common names in English and Spanish, synonyms, distributions on the peninsula and worldwide, and taxonomic references on the plant taxa that are either native or have naturalized on the peninsula and local islands. This publication is a complete update of our knowledge of the flora of the Baja peninsula since Wiggins (1980).

This is a website dedicated to the plant life, the flora, of the Baja California states of Mexico and related islands. (Read a website overview.)  Users can search among nearly 86,000 specimens from the SDNHM herbarium as well as six other herbaria including the two major institutions of Baja California and Baja California Sur.

The web site presents nearly 5000 digital images of Baja California voucher specimens from the museum's collection. Additional images from the other participating herbaria are included when a representative SD specimen is not available. All current voucher scans are being done in high resolution which can be viewed on the web site or downloaded directly. Over 400 high-res scans are currently available.

The web site includes over 35,000 photographs of plants and places of Baja. Additionally, we continue to add photographs from Dr. Rebman's expeditions into the Baja California peninsula.

Parts of this web site, including database search and mapping, are restricted for the sole use of the curators and researchers using the participating herbaria. This restriction will remain in place until the publication of Dr. Rebman's new comprehensive checklist of the vascular plants of the Baja California peninsula. Upon publication of the checklist, and approval of the contributing herbaria, the website login restrictions will be removed and the data available to the public.

Baja California Plant Field Guide
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